Breathing and relaxation sessions

I truly believe that Breathing and Relaxation are vital tools to assist us through labour. I have seen during birth how these can have a huge impact on the way a mom experiences the sensations of labour by just focusing on these.

My one on one sessions for Breathing and Relaxation teach different techniques that you can use in early labour at home as well as in the labour room. I prefer a one on one session for these as I find that the couple can better focus and tend to participate better in the comfort of their home. I can also better tailor the course based on the personality of the couple.

The session takes about 1.5-2hours and the following is covered:

The importance of breathing and relaxation

Breathing for the different stages of labour

Relaxation techniques

The use of visualization and other distractions during labour

Positions for labour

Partner massage techniques for labour

Affirmations and how they can help

Should you be interested please send me an email so that we can discuss dates and costs for the session.

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