Breastfeeding preperation sessions

Many times couples want to discover more about breastfeeding but it isn't covered well in most antenatal classes. A couple may not be attending an antenatal class and would like information on how they can prepare for breastfeeding and how to get breastfeeding off to a good start. Sometimes we find moms who have particular concerns or circumstances not covered in most classes such as twin feeding or how to feed with flat nipples. For this reason I offer home sessions during pregnancy to provide couples with this information. The session can be a general "how to make sure breastfeeding goes well" to more specific concerns. Each session is tailor made to suite your needs. The sessions take about an hour in the comfort of your home and can be done on evening or weekends.


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This workshop is focused on Breastfeeding. If you are looking for antenatal classes:
For evening classes contact Sr Karen van der Merwe on 082 335 7731