Parenting is the most profound journey we will take. The little people who enter our lives change us in more ways than anything we will ever encounter. It is a time of joy, adventure, blessings, fear, doubt, laughter, tears, frustration and any other emotion you can imagine. As parents we want to know we are doing the best for these little people. This starts from the moment you get the "positive" pregnancy test. We change our diet and habits to give baby the best. Our birth choices are based on our desire to protect them, to give them the best start in life. And so are all of our parenting choices. No one way is the best way but there are many different choices we can make along the way.

As a professional Doula (Birth and Postnatal) and as an International Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) I would like to support you through this journey. From Belly to Breast. Please look at the tabs for the different services I offer. If there is any other way I can assist you please feel free to contact. My aim is to provide parents with helpful information and a variety of solutions for you to try. I approach this through gentle parenting - which I believe is the closest to how nature intended.

Happy Birth. Happy Breastfeeding. Happy Baby, Mom and Dad!